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May 31 2009

"I actually don’t even love to use the term ‘Fashion’ too much when referring to the magazine or most of the quality blogs I read. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the runway shows or what Gucci did this season. For me, fashion is a part of daily life I guess. I love clothing, products, the details, learning something every day. I love the stories involved and meeting the creative people who actually make things. It’s more just a way of life and the clothing has to be functional. In my opinion, fashion has to be functional and make sense – at least most of the time, but even that can be objective."    -Ryan Willms

From an interview Here.

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May 26 2009

This is getting close. Check out the new site of the brilliant Assembly New York. The middle version was chosen and produced.

This sturdy pebbled leather is really beautiful.  Extra durable product set that is not to be missed. I really love all of the finishes on the site but this and the Double Red Ox are my current favorites.

Makr 1243296000Makr 1243296000Makr 1243296000Makr 1243296000
May 26 2009

A couple of interesting people that I have never met.