• April 16 2014

    Some phone images of the last couple weeks. Follow us on instagram at MAKR_ .

  • January 30 2014

    We did a collaborative tote with UNISON in Chicago. You can buy it here.

  • October 20 2014

    Our Studio Stool in Architectural Digest.

  • July 28 2014

    Austin Bush has a great site showing his food travels in Thailand. Hundreds of images to make your lunch seem less appealing.

  • August 12 2014

    Waters by Ákos Major. Via Domus.

  • October 23 2014

    New Products available!

    Flat Plate Hook and Open Billfold.

    The Flat Plate Hook is an update of our original Plate Hook with flat cut steel and a more contoured plate.

    Our most process-heavy wallet, the Open Billfold, features an unstitched center seam for easier access to cards.

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August 03 2011

Really pleased to be a part of The Heavy Mental. See our interview here. We will be contributing non Makr specific articles to this site in the future.

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