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New Bags

Our two latest bags, the Day Tote and Work Carryall feature heavy canvas construction, considered functionality and unique detailing.

The Day Tote is constructed in the opposite way of a typical tote. A single vertical seam is incorporated into the handle attachment making it appear seamless. The lower seam has been turned lengthwise to give structure and conceal the strap ends.

The Work Carryall features an asymmetrical gusset to define the front two exterior pockets, a looped snap closure and concealed hardware. The shoulder strap can be pushed down to the interior of the bag and short handles can be used in a traditional briefcase style.

Both bags feature a fixed interior pocket, secured to the body of the bag to reduce movement and provide even weight distribution.

Work Carryall features flap closure with loop snap attachments.
Finished top edge of Day Tote.

These bags feature our new double rolled handles. By removing the rigidifying outer stitch, the handle edges are allowed to collapse slightly to give a more comfortable hold.

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