• April 16 2014

    Some phone images of the last couple weeks. Follow us on instagram at MAKR_ .

  • February 24 2015

    Images from a special project we did with Moon Choi.

  • April 24 2015

    Tab Eyewear Cases are available on the site!
    Vegetable tanned leather. Tab construction. Hand Edge Painted. Reinforced double layer base to ensure eyewear safety. Minimal interior branding.

  • July 28 2014

    Austin Bush has a great site showing his food travels in Thailand. Hundreds of images to make your lunch seem less appealing.

  • August 12 2014

    Waters by Ákos Major. Via Domus.

  • September 23 2015

    Horween® Shell Cordovan Zip Slim Wallets available now!

    Very limited quantities.

    Natural, Ox Blood and Black.

February 19 2015

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January 06 2015

Media cases now available!

One of our first non-sewn products, the media case is designed to create simple, unobtrusive protection.

Made from a single piece of veg tanned leather, the unique tab construction ensures device security.

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