Wrist Camera Strap

Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

Wrist Camera Strap

Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan

Full Cordovan wrist strap for "point and shoot" and small to medium-sized cameras. Ultra-strong cording is knotted and then used to hand-sew the inner elements of the wrist loop. Twice the dimension and density of typical camera strap cording. Hand-sewn concealment tube sewn perpendicular to loop, locking the entire assembly together. Incredibly secure construction made exclusively of cordovan because of its strength and smoothness. Discreet branding at fold point of the wrist strap.

Production Notes

Made in USA


Fine Cording

Hand Edge Burnished

Dark Cognac Horween® Shell Cordovan


0.25″ × 8″ × 0.25″


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